Meeting the needs of children in foster care and creating a sense of normalcy.

Since 1999, Foster Angels has served nearly
children and counting.

The mission of Foster Angels is to improve the lives of children in foster care by ensuring each child has their basic needs met and providing life-enhancing, life-enriching opportunities whenever possible.

Be a ray of light onto the life of a child in foster care today by sponsoring a real need today.

Two brothers recently moved in with their aunt when they were removed from their parents care. In order to keep these siblings together in the familiar care of their aunt, they need our help in getting a bedroom set up for them. Sponsor their beds today >>

19-year-old Emily is currently studying to become a registered nurse and for many years has been told she needs braces. She is experiencing discomfort and tooth loss. We want to help boost her confidence and lessen her pain.¬† You can sponsor Emily’s braces here >>

Aidan is 10 years old and loves to sing. He sings all day around the house, at school everywhere! His foster parents love his passion to use his voice, and want to continue to encourage him. However, they need help covering his monthly voice lessons. Sponsor his lessons today >>